Why We Need Editors

So I’ve come across some pretty poorly written blogs and websites and I just think to myself, “why haven’t they hired editors?” Or at least even use a program that corrects their spelling.

If you’re trying to sell something then the best way to do it is through writing! So good grammar and of course a good sales team. But! having someone edit your books, website or whatever it is that you write can be extremely beneficial for you.

You probably already know how to sell your products but did you know that 80% of potential clients will turn away at the mere fact that you wrote something wrong. I know I do this, because it just seems like that person is a little uneducated on the subject and therefore untrustworthy.

We need editors for business and we need editors to make one little piece of information be the most important piece of information that you put out there for your business.

We all know how tedious editing can be and it’s a pain in the you-know-what. But it’s essential, and it’s a good thing you have me! I’m here to help you with all of your writing needs whether that be with a book or a website, I’ll be there editing away making your business sell the way that it’s meant to.

For any interests, please go to my Facebook page which you can find on the right hand side and send me a message! Have a great day.


What I Can Do For You

As a writer, I take my job (and my most favorite hobby) very seriously. It’s something I grew up doing so I know it is what I am meant to do.

I have over 8 years experience writing and I plan on many more.. I have written blog posts and articles for two different websites and manage my own which you are reading this from.

From 7 years old, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I would sit at a table in my bedroom with a pen and a paper pretending to be a teacher taking notes and grading papers. I wrote my very first book on my own at 8 years old, It was a children’s book of about 7 pages and at that age that was fantastic! Since that day I knew I wanted nothing more than to have this is a career for the rest of my life.

It’s something I would love to be doing everyday and working in an environment that I love and am familiar with, I know I can do amazing things.

As of right now, I am a part time English teacher and TEFL certified. I teach young children how to speak English who otherwise don’t know how. It is the most amazing experience in life to broaden the horizons of others.

My goal is to be the best writer that you take on, be a part of your team and take all the hassle out of writing for your website or business that you just don’t have the time or the want to do. Let me relieve you of your stress and let me do all the work for you, I promise you will love it.